Back in the saddle

It took a couple of years to fully organize and pull off the big move, but I think I’m set up to be in Barcelona for the long haul. Or at least the medium haul. Spanish bureaucracy is, without a doubt, the most difficult and frustrating thing I’ve dealt with up until now (mortgage, kids in college here, visas), but it seems like the biggest hurdles are behind me.

Art-wise, I finished a couple of commissions recently and delivered them during a quick trip to the US this spring.  I’m currently working on a series whose focus is Jupi, my little pug. I’ve been invited to show a couple of pieces in the Blab! Show at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica in the fall, and my work was recently selected again for the Art Auction in June at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento. 

Well, that’s about it for the moment. Look me up on Instagram (@mattduffinfineart) to see the most up to date photos of life here.

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