“……Screw it, here are our Top 10 album covers of the year so far.”

I received this link recently…..got a kick out of the fact that the image I licensed to the Australian band Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes for their cd cover helped to get them a little recognition.  Even if it wasn’t specifically for their music.  The way I see it, though, is that every little bit helps! Share → Tweet

Franzen book cover featured in Dpi Magazine, Taiwan

dpi MAGAZINE, a leading design publication in Taiwan that showcases “imaginative and artistically innovative photography, film and art,” has published an article about the World Illustration Awards 2015 competition- for which my Jonathan Franzen book cover has been shortlisted (category award winners will be announced in October). dpi printed my piece in the article….one of the handful of pieces it chose to include the interior spread.  I have to say, that book cover is the gift that keeps on giving! Here is a link to the article. Share → Tweet

Flashback to my collaborative Burning Man sculpture from a few years ago…

Whenever I try to write or talk to others about Burning Man, I end up twisting myself into a pretzel that has no beginning and no end.  I get lost in my words, forget what my point is, and rarely come close to convincing my audience of anything.  That said, I will not retreat from my belief that Burning Man is magical, special, and one of the most unique experiences that one can have that involves art, nature, and other people. Below is a collaborative sculpture that I conceptualized and... Read The Rest →

Interview in Communication Arts

Communication Arts, upon seeing my interview with American Illustration, approached me recently with a request for an interview in their online section of their website called “Insights.”  Communication Arts is one of the top graphic design, illustration, and photographic design publications out there. It’s great to be getting this kind of recognition!  The interview with CA can be accessed here (please first click on the link “Interview in Communication Arts,” above. Share → Tweet

Shortlisted for World Illustration Awards

My Jonathan Franzen book cover has been shortlisted as a potential winner for the World Illustration Awards, based in the UK.  A total of 75 illustrators worldwide made the list from an initial pool of 2100 …..pretty exciting stuff!  The winners will be chosen in the next few weeks.  Fingers crossed, but I’m very happy to have made it this far. Share → Tweet

Last-minute interview for American Illustration (AI-AP)

Here is the link for a little interview that I was approached to do for AI-AP in New York.  Not all that often that these come my way…..I feel very honored to have been chosen for this.  It goes out to lots of designers, publications, etc. and is great exposure.  Check it out if you have a chance- it’s a nice little window into my reality as an artist. Share → Tweet

Before Bali….2 new pieces

I’m heading off to Bali for the month of June with my daugher and am happy to have finished two new pieces before leaving.  Though both are very different, they share the similarity of being on the larger side when compared to the majority of my work (22.5 x 25 and 28 x 28).  The bigger of the two (untitled red rocking horse) will be headed to the J. Willott Gallery, in Palm Desert (which just sold “Bright Ideas“, one of my treasured pieces).  In addition to the above, I’ve... Read The Rest →

New Work at the J Willott Gallery

I’ve rounded the corner and have begun to work again.  Last week I was able to finish up some new work and drive it down (with my daughter and friend) to the J. Willott Gallery in Palm Desert, CA, where it is on display.  I’m excited to begin showing with J. Willott- they are a well-positioned gallery with great owners, a large space and a nice, contemporary feel.  If you are visiting Palm Desert, please stop by J. Willott on El Paseo.   Share → Tweet

Missed opportunity with Penguin UK……casualty of my bike wreck.

I was approached last week by Vintage Books UK at Penguin Random House to illustrate the cover of Haruki Murakami’s “A Wild Sheep Chase.”  Total bummer that I’m saddled with the broken thumb.  Especially since things are getting tight after an involuntary month-long vacation….if you can call it that!  I guess the consolation prize is that at least I’m on their radar…. Share → Tweet

In case you’ve been wondering…..

I’ve been out of commission for the past month….the result of a nasty spill on my road bike.  My arm and thumb bore the brunt of the impact- both were broken.  I also will need some more time getting my smile back to normal.  Needless to say, I’m ready to get back on the horse, so to speak.  Haven’t been able to do any artwork since December.  I’ll be getting work to a new gallery (J Willot Gallery in Palm Desert) and starting a   commission for a client in... Read The Rest →

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